Son Of Gauss - Another Fast Blur Algorithm

The idea for this blur algorithm is based on the fact that if you apply multiple box filters in succession on an image it approximates a gaussian blur (which, as we all now can be quite slow if you do it by the book).

So this is practically a speed optimized version of my Superfast Blur that allows for entering the amount of times the box blur should be applied to the image. This means that you will have to estimate what radius gives you the best results.

I think this algorithm is especially useful if you need huge blurs. For subtle effects I guess that Fast Blur Deluxe might be more effective, but I haven't yet timed them against each other.

In this demo the Y position of the mouse controls the radius, the X postion sets the amount of repetitions.

The illustration is "Besucher auf der Couch" by Jasmine T.