Built with Processing
Remember Goo? I know, I know - that's sooooo Nineties! But somehow I ended up with this when I was playing around with quads, springs and texture mapping. This widget has quite a few keyboard commands:

[d] - toggle between wiggle and distort mode
[g] - shows/hides the grid
[r] - resets the mesh
[+] - enlarges the brush
[-] - reduces the brush
[1] - bulge/pinch tool
[2] - smear tool
[3] - rotate tool
[4] - radial ripple tool
[5] - circular ripple tool
[6] - spiral ripple tool
[7] - heal tool
[i] - inverts the effect of some tools
[s] - randomize the strength of the springs

Of course the most important tool is the mouse - you've got to wiggle it around.

The painting you mutilate is
"Saint Barbie" by Mark Ryden