Flash to Processing Communication

I like Processing for its speed. You can do way more fancy stuff on a pixel level than in Flash. Though there is one thing about Processing which is less optimal and that is: user interfaces.

Yes, you can build your own, but unfortunately it's not as confortable as in Flash, plus it drains the performance.

So this is my first attempt to establish a communication between a Flash user interface and a processing render engine. Of course this goes via Javascript which will probably mean that it does not work on certain browser/OS combinations.
Note: It seems like this currently works only in Internet Explorer

There might be some synchronization issues, but in general it seems to be a possible way.

As I did not include the fla file, here is the source code that handles the communication via FSCommand to JavaScript:

function onSlider(slider) {
   var v = Math.round(slider.getValue());
   if (v != this.lastV) {
      this.lastV = v;
      blur_txt.text = "Blur Radius: "+v;

function sendSlider(v){
   fscommand("onSliderChanged", v);

As the slider component sends a lot of events whilst dragging I added a little buffer that reduces the amount of calls to the Processing applet.

Built with Processing

Communication Sourcecode