Built with Processing

Disko Boy

Wanna see me dance? So how about playing some music? I can listen to your sound-in channel, which is at the moment probably just your microphone, though most modern soundcards allow to feed in your mp3 player or your cd player. If you are on a Windows machine here is a step-by-step tutorial how to set that up. You'll probably also need to install the JSyn plug-in which makes the connection to your soundcard.

Note: after having seen this on different machines now, it looks like you must set the input gain pretty low. Otherwise the motion is way too wild.

For all those who cannot see anything I have prepared a Quicktime video that shows how it should have looked: diskoboy.mov (3.3MB, length 1:12)

A big thank you goes to Amit Pitaru for his SONIA library.

If you are interested in the briefs that you see here - they are available at sloggi as well as the photo.