This little widget analyzes the lengths of a Twitter user's tweets and maps them in the form of a histogram. Just type in the user's twitter name and press enter.

It looks like Twitter throttles or refuses the API access when too many request come in during a certain period - so if you get a "This Username does not exist" message then that's probably the case. Check back later if that happens.

The interesting result is that there are indeed different patterns of user types to be found. Many have a peak of lengths around the right side which is the 140 character limit of Twitter. Others have a peak rather on the left side which marks short tweets with just a few words. Robots or automated news services often have a very small distribution of different lengths. People who have just a few tweets will show a rather erratic pattern with many holes whilst oldtimers or people who tweet a lot will have a more continouus look.

As an additional info I've added the follower/following ratio as a horizontal bar below the histogram. The bigger the left yellow bar is the more followers a user has compared to the users he or she is following

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Note: users who have protected their updates will obviously not show any proper results