Playing around with a feedback filter written in Pixelbender and a simple motion tracking algorithm I kept adding more and more functions on to this piece. The sliders allow for a lot of different outcomes - only you have to figure out what each of them does. Sometimes very small changes make a big difference. For inspiration check out this flickr set with some example snapshots.

You need a webcam and at least Flash Player 10 in order to run this. In case you just see a black screen there might be the wrong webcam selected or you have disabled Flash from accessing it. In that case right click the black canvas and open the "Settings" panel. Select the camera tab and pick the right camera.

Click on the image to toggle the slider panel (which uses the great MinimalComps by Keith Peters). If you are on Windows Vista you should save snapshots only to the desktop since there is a possible bug in the current version of the Flash Player which does not allow you to save anywhere else.