ScribblerToo is an update to Ze Frank's TheScribbler.

I started hacking together the first version of this to see how much faster I could get this to work with the lastest version of Flash, compared to the way more limited possibilities of Flash in 2004 that Ze had when he built the original version. After seeing that this works really well Ze Frank and I will be collaborating on extending the features and functionality.

A few notes:
Radius: sets the maximum radius at which strokes will connect to the brush
Connections: sets the maximum amount of connection attempts per frame
Density: sets how tight together connections are made on neighboring strokes
Intensity: sets the maximum opacity for connections
Stroke Alpha: sets the opacity of the drawn stroke
Stroke Size: sets the size of the drawn stroke
Connect Stroke: decides if the currently drawn stroke will also connect to itself
Distance Mode: if set closer neighbors will have a higher probability to be connected than those that are further away, if not set the distance does not matter.
Curves: if set connections are made with curves instead of lines
SPACE BAR allows to draw in a spot without moving the mouse.
The mouse wheel changes the radius
SHIFT + mouse wheel changes the amount of connections
CTRL + mouse wheel changes the density
SHIFT + CTRL + mouse wheel changes the intensity
CTRL-Z: Undo. There is only one undo step. You can remove the last stroke and all its connections.

If the drawing is not running fluid on your computer reducing the radius, the amount of connections and/or the density should speed things up. In case you are running Flash Player 10.1 beta you should check if you have the debug player installed since the release player will be about 2 times faster.